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Saturday, 27 June 2015 01:46

Greatest. Topical. Painkiller. Evah.

Here is a great testimony of how awesome our Pain Relieving spray is. Read this unsolicited article by Elizabeth Scalia on her experience with our Pain Reliever. Read also the comments at the bottom of the article. We are so happy to make a difference in these people's lives. Elizabeth says: "This is the greatest stuff I’ve ever used!

Saturday, 27 June 2015 01:43

Spotlight on KNF from Cyclocross Magazine

Written by

"Add “does laundry” and “cooks your recovery dinner” to its list of attributes and it would be every racer’s perfect mate". This in a nutshell is how Josh Liberles compliments our Sport Performance spray. He adds: "The difference in my Pepsi challenge test was clear; whichever leg I treated would quickly feel relief and diminished post-workout soreness and fatigue.

We would like to share another nice review on our powerful Pain Relieving spray by eZine. Here Erika shares her own personal experience on the field. She says: "I recently purchased Kool 'N Fit Pain Relieving Liquid because I saw my tennis partner used it for his cramped leg muscles.

Saturday, 27 June 2015 01:35

Floyd Landis pouring KNF on his privates?

Written by

[Floyd Landis] got more excited than I've ever seen him in a bike race. He got so embarrassed he went into the bathroom and poured a bunch of Kool-N-Fit on his privates". LOL we did not see this coming, but we take this as a sign of popularity for Kool N Fit. Continue reading the article by Dana Albert published on the Daily Peloton.

"I have a soft spot for these because I associate them with the emotional highlight of my first marathon. However, I learned that you don't have to run 26 miles to benefit from such sprays." says Julie D. Click to read the full article.

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