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Saturday, 27 June 2015 20:40

Bekki Miske Featured

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Bekki Miske KOOL 'N FIT running testimonial Bekki Miske KOOL 'N FIT running testimonial

Full Name: Bekki Miske
Profession: Project Manager, Talent Acquisition
Age: 31
Family Status: In a relationship
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 118 lbs

Heartbeat: My heart never rests!
Hobbies: Road racing, trail running, marathons, cycling, surfing,
               hiking, backpacking, camping, travel, exploration, reading,
               watching movies, listening to music, international beer, and
               really good wine
Advice: Never repeat what you did last year, even if it changed the world.
             Its not good enough this year.


Q. How and at what age did you get started/involved in your sport?
A. I began running when I was five-years-old. I started out racing for breakaways on the soccer field and
stealing bases around the softball diamond, but when I dethroned two of the local distance running
legends at the big junior high school district track meet, I caught the attention of the high school
track coach, who talked me into signing up for his summer running camp. I walked on to my high
school cross country team as the number one runner, and proceeded to earn eight varsity letters in
distance running. I led my team to the California State Championships and shortly after broke the
school record. After a series of disappointing injuries that plagued my performance as a walk-on at
the University of Notre Dame, I walked away from competitive running in college and instead turned
to the Women’s Running Club for a more recreational relationship with the sport I love. It was through
the club that I ran my first marathon, but it was my longtime love of running that kept me in the sport
after all these years and eventually coaxed me into running eight more full marathons, each one
faster than the last.

Q. What motivates you to stay fit and competitive?
A. I am obsessed with the Olympic motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger.” I particularly like the way that it
applies to my life and training on such a personal level. The motto doesn’t necessarily mean faster,
higher, or stronger than who I am competing against. Just faster, higher, and stronger. It reminds me
that each and every day, week, month, and year I have an opportunity to be better than who I was. It
is this constant an eternal quest to be a better version of myself—to be faster, to rise higher, and to
be stronger than who I was—that motivates me to stay fit and competitive.

Q. What are the major accomplishments of your athletic career thus far?
A. I finished 1st place for Women Under 30 at the Ibigawa Marathon in Japan, and placed 1st in my age
group at this year’s Orange County Half Marathon. In 2012, I have had one 1st place finish overall, six
1st place finishes for women, and twelve 1st place finishes in my age group.

Q. Which one of these accomplishments was the most difficult to achieve?
A. I don’t think any single accomplishment stands out as having been the most difficult to achieve. I
don’t think of achievement in this way. I honestly believe that the most difficult thing about running
competetively is simply waking up each and every day believing that you can do better than you did
the day before. It’s having the strength of mind to believe that you can do better, that you can be
better, and then having the courage to step out the front door and prove to yourself that you are better.
I love the Nike motto from the 2012 Track & Field Olympic Trials. “Bring your greatness,” it demands.
Well, wearing a t-shirt that speaks to this motto is one thing. Backing it up with your own blood,
sweat, and tears is another. If you ask me, the most difficult thing about any running accomplishment
is following through on the commitment to bring your greatness, day in and day out.

Q. Which one are you the most proud of and why?
A. The accomplishment I am the most proud of is this year’s 1st place finish in my age group at the
Orange County Half Marathon. This is a hometown race that shuts down a lot of big roads in the
county and attracts a positively massive and highly competitive crowd of elite racers. I bonked at this
race the year before, and decided to put my frustrations surrounding my bad race in the bank and
just move on. I trained my butt off leading up to this year’s race, and made sure I worked out all of the
kinks in my training and racing strategy. On race day, I executed my race strategy exactly as I
planned, ran a negative split from the halfway point, and kicked it in for a 6:18 last mile. I was all
alone and sprinted home for a personal best on the course by more than four and a half minutes.
The victory was exciting beyond belief, mostly because it was the culmination of a year’s worth of
hard work and training.

Q. Would you describe a typical training day for us?
A. My training varies daily, but usually involves 6-7 days of running a combination of tempo runs, hills,
distance days, and track workouts. Occasionally, I supplement my routine with yoga for flexibility and
core strength and cycling to flush out some of the lactic acid after a hard workout.

Q.  Why do you use KOOL 'N FIT?
A. In short, because it is a miracle worker. I use Kool ‘N Fit before every workout to help my legs warm
up and afterward to relieve my tired and aching muscles, and really assist in speeding up the
recovery process. Nothing relaxes and loosens tight muscles or prevents cramping quite like it. I
honestly can’t imagine running or racing any amount of distance without a bottle of Kool ‘N Fit in my
back pocket.

Q.  Any special application tips / tricks you want to tell us about?
A.  The night before a big performance, my pre-race routine involves taking a hot bath with two
tablespoons of Kool ‘N Fit. I usually soak in the mix for 10-15 minutes, and then dry off and reapply
another dose of KNF to my quads, hamstrings, and calves before donning my compression gear and
hitting the hay. This routine leaves me waking up with fresh, well-rested legs that are ready to pop out
of the gate and chase down my personal bests on the race course.

Q.  Do you think the average athlete could benefit from KOOL ‘N FIT and why?
A. Absolutely! Anyone who is invested in their personal health and likes to feel good can benefit from
using Kool ‘N Fit. It relaxes muscles and relieves all sorts of aches and pains.

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