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KOOL 'N FIT® - 100 Years Experience In a Bottle


During the Middle Ages, monks treated the sick and comforted the dying using alcohol they discovered during their wine making process.  They called it "Spiritus Vini" (Spirit of Wine).  People ever since have used it in healthcare to treat high fever, soreness, bruises, strains and other ailments.  With the emergence of modern medicine, a special form of alcohol appeared in hospitals and pharmacies in Germany.  Known as "Franzbranntwein" my family produced this special alcohol.

The original formula of KOOL 'N FIT was born in the late 1880's in our family's pharmacy.  Essential herbal oils and plant derivatives were incorporated into our basic "Franzbranntwein" to improve its effectiveness and range of applications.  Over the past century, new, unique and effective formulas were created by adding other proven natural ingredients to the original formula, giving the user easy to use sprays with unmatched benefits.

In 1985, recognizing the needs of athletes for a product that aids them in their training and competition, Kool Fit America, Inc. developed a sports specific spray.  KOOL 'N FIT Sport® provides a better warm up before sports and a faster recovery after sports.  KOOL 'N FIT Pain provides temporary relief from minor aches and pains in muscles and joints.  KOOL 'N FIT Foot provides relief for tired feet.  KOOL 'N FIT Massage Oil makes an ideal emollient to nourish and protect skin.

We hope it will give your body the edge as well! Kool ’N Fit® pledges to continue our “Old World” traditions of commitment to quality service and excellence.


Hubertus von der Beeck

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